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We wish to invite you to help us make a difference.

These are ways you can support us in our aim to benefit the needy, the community and finally humanity itself. We have BIG dreams and invite you to join us in shaping history.

Your generosity helps us achieve beyond what we thought is possible and we thank you for your incredible support.

Bodhi Heart Sanctuary's Wish List

1. Facilities

We let out our facilities for almost free to organizations that are touching life - each year we are touching thousands of lives. We need you to help us in the upkeep and maintenance of these facilities in the Sanctuary. Your donation can also be directed to our Bodhi Residences, our upcoming dormitory project to serve the needs of participants of the many retreats and activities held at our Sanctuary. Your donation towards this projects helps to facilitate personal transformation of people from all walks of life.

2. Ongoing Wishlist

These items is urgently needed. You may either offer them to us in kind or in cash. Do call (016-4869838) to check on the status

  1. 30 saplings of hardy hedges (at RM40 per plant) and 10 matured trees (RM100 per plant) to serve as parameters in the monk's quarters
  2. Sponsor for VOLS compost bags - 15 bags a month (RM10 a bag). To be used for the plants and trees in Bodhi Heart Sanctuary grounds.
  3. 20 boxes of mineral water, cup size, for participants of various activities conducted here. Do contact us first to check on the status of availability of current stocks.

3. Sangha Services

When monastics stays in the Sanctuary we will cater for their meals – both breakfast and lunch. Of course, we will also serve their other needs including health, both medical and dental, and transport, where needed. It is a joy to serve the monastics from across the world as they venture into Malaysia for their propagation or cultivation purposes.

These are areas we need help in to serve and support the monastics, and you may contact us to state your interest

  1. Transport. The monastics do travel mainly for purpose of Dharma programs and to-and-from transport terminals
  2. Meals. We prepare their daily meals, which may be vegetarian or otherwise, for both breakfast and lunch. We have a roster for interested individuals to serve the meals. If you have the passion and joy to serve these monastic do contact us.
  3. Housekeeping. We do regular clean up of their kutis e.g., once a fortnight. This also include dhobi services.
  4. If you have a special skill related to health and you are passionate to offer your service to the monastic do contact us too.

Your commitment to serve may just be a day and a session over a short period of time i.e., Tuesday’s breakfast for the next two months. When you subscribe we will guide you through the process.

Your donations are also needed to support the monastics other needs including printing materials, and medical checkups and treatments, among others. Your donation goes to the Sangha and Sasana Fund (also known as the Kathina Dayaka Fund) which helps to provide for their varied allowable needs. You may choose to join our annual subscription to the Sangha and Sasana Fund as a Co-sponsor (RM5,000) or Faithful supporter (RM111) or you can also donate any amount as you wish to this fund.

4. Yogis In Retreat

Bodhi Heart Sanctuary has always been a prime venue for Buddhist organizations from all Traditions, both private groups as well as societies, to conduct their study-cum-meditation retreats i.e., whole day program of mental cultivation. Our facilities are intended for activities of the Buddhist Fraternity - this is our strategy to engage, enrich and enlighten people on the noble and beautiful practices of Buddhism. Subsequently, we have conceived this program known as Yogis in Retreat Fund (YIR).

In this Program we have shaped the environment and our facilities to provide simple comfort and convenience, and most importantly - affordability to the Yogis and their organizations. Yes, your donation to YIR helps to defray their cost of meals, accommodation and utilities of these yogis and their organization during their pursuit for a taste of freedom. All contribution for this program will be collected under our Yogis in Retreat Fund. It is a fund that makes it possible for organizations and individuals to use our facilities at the lowest possible cost. In short, it is a fund to support Yogis in their quest for truth and freedom.

5. Dhamma Coaches

Our various Dharma go-forth activities which currently involves Dharma Guide for Tertiary Institutions (DG.4.TI), Dharma Guide for Young Adults (DG.4.YA), Dharma Guide for Dharma Groups (DG.4.DG) and Dharma Guide in Social Media (DG.4.SM) are our contributions to support Dhamma propagation at the domestic level. Your donation to these causes are very much welcome and be rest assured, your donation will make a difference in laying the foundation for a virtuous and compassionate generation in the near future.

International and Global Outreach Program:

1. Heirs of Buddha


2. is another international engagement and global propagation initiative, a spiritual education program, we are actively hosting. We welcome donations for this great project. You may choose to be a Great Sponsor for this website or a Faithful Supporter. Please contact us to learn how you can make a difference to the world in the blink of an eye through the leverage of technology for global Dhamma propagation.


Choose a cause or causes to contribute to.

Do a transfer or bank-in to our 'Penang Bodhi Heart Sanctuary' Account with Hong Leong Bank. Acc No. 05300082242

Email the bank-in ref. (ATM slips) to - [email protected] and mention the cause(s) that your contribution favors

We will email you the receipt within a fortnight


You can visit us at the Sanctuary and make a cash or cheque donation in favor of 'Penang Bodhi Heart Sanctuary'. We will issue a receipt on the spot

Note: Donations made to Penang Bodhi Heart Sanctuary ARE NOT tax-deductible.