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Spiritual Programs 

- our motto is 'Inclusive, Integrated and Insightful'


Not forgetting the interconnections of body, heart and mind, we too offer a range of wellness programs that help and heal our life. These programs are designed to explore and educate, adapt and assimilate various alternatives for your personal healing and health. Through our collaboration with external health and healing organizations we bring to you an offering of programs from physical exercises to energy healing which you may embrace and integrate into your daily life.

Our Wellness strategies are streamed into Healing and Health Education. We welcome any individual or organizations to host or collaborate with us to serve the society.

Welfare Programs

- our motto is 'Collaboration, Charity, Care'


Aligned with our motto of "Compassion with Wisdom", we also hosts and collaborate with different organizations to serve the needy society. Living in a interconnected world, these are our initiative to offer helping hands and minds to the needy and underprivileged, and ears and heart to the desolated and depressed. Do join us to serve our community, society and humanity.

Our Welfare has three divisions

  1. Welfare Village. We have a dedicated area for welfare activities and currently we are hosting three welfare entities - the Shan Children Home, RuYi Home as well as the Society of Disabled Persons (work-in-progress). Come and see their smiles
  2. Community Aids. We have a variety of spontaneous charity activities and community services. It is championed by Bodhi Heart Cooperative Society, another wing of Bodhi Heart Sanctuary.
  3. Memorial Hall. We also have welfare for the departed - more apt to say, welfare for the living who wish to care for their departed loved ones. This is a place for remembrance and respect for them.

All these are our GIFTS to you. Just help yourself.