Dharma Coaches

Disseminating Dharma Resources, Nurturing Dharma Facilitators

This encompass our various Dharma go-forth activities and include:

1.Dharma Guide for Tertiary Institutions (DG.4.TI). This is our commitment and engagement in structuring curriculum, conducting classes and retreat, and nurturing the growth of Buddhist societies in tertiary institutions.

We are currently championing the English Dharma Study Group in University Sains Malaysia. We specially crafted their 3 year curriculum, that encompass weekly classes as well as their bi-annual retreats, and also facilitate them. This curriculum is accompanied by teaching resources for the facilitator, teaching presentation-aid i.e., PowerPoint & PDF files, as well teaching notes for the participants. If you are keen you may obtain copy of this, on Creative Commons basis, for your own use.

We had also formerly facilitate Buddhist classes for National Service participants.

2.Dharma Guide for Young Adults (DG.4.YA). This is our training and development programs for young adults in in the area of Dharma learning, character building, community engagement, career development and life-work balance. It covers programs in Bodhi Heart Sanctuary as well as for external entities e.g., National Service participants.

3. Dharma Guide for Dharma Groups (DG.4.DG). This program provides curriculums and contents, resources and materials, teaching methodology and aids, for Sunday School as well as private Dharma Discussion Groups. It may be used by startups, established societies or private study-groups.

4.Dharma Guide in Social Media (DG.4.SM). This focuses on the social media i.e., facebook, blogs or twitters, and is structured differently for various focus groups.

If you are keen in any of these options and resources do contact us.

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If you are keen in any of these options and resources do contact us.