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Nurturing Awareness, Stillness and Discernment for Freedom

These are the meditation classes or sessions conducted in the Sanctuary. We host different meditation options and differing Teachers for these classes. It may be organized by us or those from other organization (these will be indicated). Most are conducted in plain English.

We also have regular learning sessions and classes for meditation. Most will also have time dedicated for teaching, clarification and discussion. Some of these meditation classes may be part of a meditation retreat agenda - please see Yogis in Retreat.

In the former, experienced teachers from various Traditions and Techniques will share and guide you with their proven methods and insight. You can see a calendar of events for these options. Of course, if you are ready, you may join the more intensive sessions i.e., the Yogis in Retreat programs.

In the latter, we have a structured and systematic learning sessions to guide the beginners on the path of meditation. This weekly program, over a period of four months, is conducted in plain English with no rituals or rites, and is entirely free. This is a popular program for it offer a basic and comprehensive framework on mind-training. After this program you will have greater appreciation and confidence to venture deeply into the meditation landscape.

If you need an introduction or a framework of understanding for these classes you may request for a briefing with us or from the specific organizer or Teacher. Just drop us a line and we will keep you posted of our next intake.

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