Yogis in Retreat

Supporting Yogis in their Quest for Truth and Freedom

Bodhi Heart Sanctuary has always been a prime venue for Buddhist organizations from all Traditions, both private groups as well as societies, to conduct their study-cum-meditation retreats i.e., whole day program of mental cultivation.

Our facilities are intended for activities of the Buddhist Fraternity - this is our strategy to engage, enrich and enlighten people on the noble and beautiful practices of Buddhism. Subsequently, we have conceived this program known as Yogis in Retreat Fund (YIR).

In this Program we have shaped the environment and our facilities to provide simple comfort and convenience, and most importantly - affordability to the Yogis and their organizations. Yes, your donation to YIR helps to defray their cost of meals, accommodation and utilities of these yogis and organization during their pursuit for a taste of freedom.

Many Buddhist organizations have used our facilities, for a small donation, some scheduled and periodic while others on adhoc basis. In fact, many have collaborated with us to conduct their regular meditation sessions and retreats in the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary have been their dependable external site.

The Sanctuary is conducive for retreat for many reasons, namely, dense greenery and spaciousness, natural and quiet ambience, accessibility and convenience, and affordability and flexibility, among others.

Examples of Masters we had supported when they and/or their Centers conduct meditation retreats in the Sanctuary include:

  • Master Kong Hai's Group affiliated to Master Kong Hai of Vimokkharama, Taiwan
  • Tergar Group, Penang affiliated to the Tradition of Master Mingyur Rinpoche, Nepal
  • Group affiliated to Ven. Punnananda of Ku Doeh Forest Meditation Center, Myannar
  • Sayadaw Ponnya from Mahamyine Pariyatta Pali School, Myanmar
  • Sayadaw Ottamasara of Tharbarwa Meditation Center, Myannar
  • Prof. Lye Hun Yeow of Urban Dharma, United States
  • Ajahn Jumnien of Wat Tum Sua, Krabi, Thailand
  • Ajahn Suthep of Wat Poem Dhamma, Chantabhuri, Thailand
  • Ajahn Wimoak of Wat Pipphalivanaram, Ranong, Thailand
  • Ayasma Aggacitta of Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary, Perak, Malaysia
  • Ayasma Kumara of Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary, Perak, Malaysia
  • Sayalay Susila of Appadama Vihari Meditation Center, Penang, Malaysia
  • Ven. Zhang Hui from Malaysian Buddhist Institute, Penang, Malaysia
  • Ven Ji Chi of Stream Sanctuary, Kajang, Malaysia
  • Buddhist Societies of Universities in Malaysia

If you are keen to have comfort and convenience, accessibility and ambience, in the middle of a city, for your next spiritual program do contact us.

On the other hand you may want to contribute to our Yogis in Retreat Fund. It is a fund that makes it possible for organizations and individuals to use our facilities at the lowest possible cost. In short, it is a fund to support Yogis in their quest for truth and freedom.