Extending Help, Health and Happiness to the Needy

There will always be needy and less fortunate individuals and community around us. Again, this is another opportunity to practice compassion.

Many of our welfare aid are rendered by our Bodhi Heart Sanctuary Cooperative Society (BHS Coop). While BHS is a non-profit entity BHS-Coop is a profit driven organization. The latter engage in activities to derive profit to extend help to the needy.

One of our major initiative and long-term commitment towards welfare is the setting up of Children Homes for the orphan and underprivileged in our Welfare Village in a dedicated area in the Sanctuary. Please refer to Children Home for further information.

Meanwhile, we have conducted these programs in the past

  1. Free clinic and Eye donation campaign - across Penang, in collaboration with Temple of Fine Arts and Sivasanta Free Clinic
  2. Blood donation campaign - on annual basis in collaboration with other Buddhist organizations
  3. Visiting and providing provisions for single parents, poor families and the home for the mentally retarded
  4. Providing provisions for underprivileged school children
  5. Providing noodles for children homes, orphanages and old folks home on monthly basis across Penang

Contact Us

If you are interested in helping please contact: Lim Seng Yeow 012482342482

or email us using the form provided below