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Our Values

We are a non-sectarian center embracing Buddhist traditions. Our aim is to celebrate diverse paths to Freedom and Enlightenment. Our learning motto is ‘Inclusive, Integrated and Insightful’. The choice is yours in embracing and these possibilities.

We also actively subscribe to the interconnectedness of body, heart and mind by offering a range of spiritual, wellness and welfare programs that heal your life. The choice is yours in embracing these possibilities. 

Our Landscape

We are located in the City of Penang Island but surrounded by green tropical nature. You are in the city and yet out of it! At the highest point in the Sanctuary, just a 5-minute walk, you can stand in the thick of all these foliage and see the old Penang bridge as well as a beautiful skyline view of Georgetown.


In aligning with nature, our aim is to create a space and structure in the sanctuary that is ‘Simple, Practical and Natural’. We try to be elegantly simple and not simply elegant. There are plenty of trees and rocks, greens with shades of all colours, birds chirping, goats loitering around and monkeys jumping from trees to trees.


Our Facilities

We seek to collaborate with truth-seekers, benefactors and care-givers. We offer our resources and facilities to all who wish to touch a life, uplift the spirit and free the heart. We aim to be a sanctuary for the noble and the passionate, the spiritually aimless, those with abundance to share, and for those with a yearning heart.

We often host activities for different organizations. We serve ourselves to serve humanity, and we serve humanity to serve ourselves. It is all about Compassion with Wisdom, our Sanctuary’s motto. Please help yourself to our facilities and resources.

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